Goldendoodle Deposit Contract

Labradoodle Deposit Contract

English Cream Deposit Contract

Health Guarantee


*If interested in a puppy, I require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. You can specify what litter you are interested in and be placed on a specific one if desired, or be on the next available litter from one of my females. Please navigate through my website, a lot of your questions would be answered by reading and looking through it. 

*I estimate when my females will have their next heat cycle according to their last one, but that does not mean nature cannot take over and come later than expected. Some females can even tie with the male but not get pregnant, and there is nothing I can do about it. Deposits will NOT be returned you will have to wait for the next available litter I have. 

*Once I know my female is pregnant I will notify you. Please do not keep calling for updates I don’t know about. I cannot confirm pregnancy until 30 days after she has mated. Once puppies are born, I will do my best to send once a week updated pictures. Please understand I cannot send you daily pictures and videos as I am working with all of the families, not just yours. 

*Deposits: I understand life happens. Some may loose their job or just simply change their mind, or months pass with no available puppy. But once you put down a deposit, you will not get refunded. Please understand I hold up my end of the bargain on securing your spot. I also have the right to refuse service if I feel you are not suitable for one of my puppies or it is not a good fit. I do have the right to return your deposit at any time. It is my responsibility to make sure my puppies are going to good homes. 

*Stud males can change at any given time. If the expected stud I plan on using does not work out, I will go to another one I trust. The females fertile time is a small window and I have to act quickly and make executive decisions. 

*Vet exams: I take my puppies for a vet exam prior to going home for a checkup. If common things like worms/parasites, heart murmurs, umbilical hernias or ect..are found, you will be notified and given the proper medications/antibiotics. Anything that’s not considered life threatening from my vet will be your responsibility to still take the puppy and care of him/her. If you decide not to go through with buying a puppy, the refund will STILL not be refunded.

*Taking puppy home: On the day of pick up, remainder will be due in cash. I do not accept checks or electronic payments. Bill of sale and receipt will be given. Please be on time. 

*Health guarantee: Health guarantees are not transferable if you sell or give away your puppy 

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